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Pounding on the door, Puck yelled, “Kurt, let me in. Please.”

When there was no response, he pounded the door again. “I only kissed her. That’s all.”

Quieter, “I’m sorry. I was drunk. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

Leaning against the door, “That’s a lie. I do know what I was thinking.”

He continued, “It was stupid! I panicked, ok? We’ve only been dating for six months. We’re still so young; today’s your 21st birthday. And I was thinking that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you.”

The door slowly opened.
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“You going to Rachel’s party, Puck?”

“Nah, I don’t think so. It’s not exactly my scene. I think I’m going to hang out for a while at the bowling alley.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah. Her dads have a good liquor cabinet, but not really in the mood to hang out in the Berry Oscar room tonight.”

“Everyone else from glee will be there.”


“He’ll be there.”

“I don’t know what you mean, Finn.”

“You don’t, huh? You really going to front? I know.”

“You know?”

“How you feel about Kurt? Yeah.”

“He’s going to be there? Then yeah, I’ll come.”
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Stretching up to his toes, Noah reached to the back of the closet shelf. He felt the sharp corners of a box under his fingertips. After a brief struggle, he was able to get it down. It was an intricately carved wooden box.

Placing it gently on the bed, he pulled it open. Inside were stacks of letters tied together with silk ribbon, a faint scent of roses drifting into the air.

“Kurt, what’s this?”

“What? Oh, the letters. They’re from my Momma. I have some tapes too. Come here, babe. Let me show you how awesome my Momma was.”
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Grace and Burt were going to grow old together; now she won’t see the end of the year. They’d made so many plans. There are so many things she’s going to miss. She’ll miss everything in Kurt’s life. She’s going to miss his graduation, from high school and college. She won’t see him fall in love, get married, have children.

Grace had wanted siblings for Kurt, but he’ll have only his father. She won’t be there for him when he’ll need his mother. So she will do what she can to have him know her.

She turned the camera on.
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“Finn told me you were thinking about joining the Marines.”

“Finn shouldn’t have told you.”

“You’re right. You should have. I thought we were friends.”

“Kurt, we are friends, but you all have plans. You and Rachel are going to New York. San and Brit are going to LA. Everyone's leaving. I don’t want to stay here alone. And school’s not for me.”

“It is. You’ve done a lot better since we’ve been studying together. Come with me to New York, Puck. Don’t give up on your dreams yet. You can go to school with me. There’s still time.”



Jan. 11th, 2012 12:40 pm
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I've been posting a lot of puckurt drabbles this month because I signed up to participate in the 31 Days of Puckurt Drabbles in January on the [community profile] puckurt comm. It's been fun, trying to think up new drabbles.

There are a lot of new ideas in my head now about Puck and his mom Ruth and sister Sarah. About Kurt and Burt. About Kurt's mom, Grace and her love of books and of music, for her husband and son. About how Kurt and Noah fell in love in Lima and moved away to New York together. About their life in New York. About Audrey, Puck and Kurt's daughter with her pretty brown eyes just like her daddy and Audrey Hepburn's, hence her name. About what Puck and Kurt do for a living.

So, yeah, all these ideas in my head. I just hope that I can get them down on paper, so to speak.
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“Kurt, have dinner with me on Saturday?”

“Weren’t you doing something with your family on Saturday?”

“I’d rather be with you.”

“We going to Breadstix?”

“We’re going to the Brick House.”

“We’re going all the way to Ft. Wayne?”

“Yeah, I figured we’d make a day of it.”

“I thought we came back to visit our families for the holidays?”

“We have. I want to spend the day with you, just us.”

“Need a break, Noah?”

“I do. I love them, but I need a day with you, babe.”

“Ok, we’ll go. It’ll be nice to see my boyfriend again.”
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“Sarah, you promised you wouldn’t say anything.”

“Not even to Ma?”

“Especially not to Ma. You know she still does lunch on Wednesdays with Carol. She won’t be able to help herself. She won’t mean to but she’ll say something. Carol tells Burt everything. Burt won’t say anything to Kurt, but he can’t keep a secret to save his life. He’ll give it away.”

“Noah, I have to tell someone!”

“Pipsqueak, you can’t say anything to anybody. There are no secrets in this town. Someone will tell Kurt. I want it to be a surprise.”

“Ok. I won’t say anything.”
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“Noah, I can not believe you’re making me help you shop for a present for your boyfriend!”

“Sarah, shut up and I’ll take you for some ice cream afterwards.”

“You do know I’m not ten years old any more, right?”

The faint tinge of red across his cheeks made Sarah pause.

“Wait a minute. Where exactly are we going?”

She didn’t understand Noah’s response to her question.

“Noah, why are you being so mysterious? What’s going on?”

“We’re going to Von’s.”

“We’re going to a jewelry store! Oh my god, Noah, are you going to ask Kurt to marry you?”
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They’ve known each other since pre-school. Their mothers were friends who scheduled play-dates for them. They’d been best friends through third grade, until Kurt’s mother died and Noah’s father had left his family. They hadn’t been able to maintain a friendship with both of them angry at the world. Noah had become Puck and Kurt the strange kid that everyone else talked about.

Being in glee has made them be together for the first time in years without Kurt ending up in a dumpster. They’ve started talking to each other again.

“You wanna come over to play a video game?”
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“Son, be careful with your mother. You’re getting big and you have to be...”

“Honey, leave him be. Kurt is helping me choose a dress for church.”

“I just don’t want him to accidentally hurt you.”

“Burt, I’m all right, a little tired, but other than that...”

“Are you sure, sweetheart? You’re feeling ok?”

“I’m feeling good. I get to spend the entire day with my sweet boys, so I’m feeling really good.”

“And you’ll tell me when you’re not, right, Gracie?”

“We won’t have as much time together as I’d like to, darling, but I will tell you. Promise.”
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Grace continued reading after Kurt fell asleep, his body leaning into hers, his weight gradually getting heavier against her. She finished her book and went to get up. A sharp pain in her side caused her to gasp. After a moment, she was able to stand.

Grace wanted to pick Kurt up, cradle him close, to take him to his room for his nap, but she couldn’t. From one day to the next, she’d been unable to carry him, her body not strong enough to hold his.

Shaking him gently, “Come on, sweet boy. It’s time to go to bed.”
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Grace was silent, pale with shock. She’d dreamed about a little girl, with her blonde hair and Burt’s hazel eyes, a little sister for Kurt. She’d been sure she was pregnant; she’d had the same symptoms of her pregnancy with Kurt. She hadn’t known the symptoms of a pregnancy were the same as the ones for ovarian cancer.

She had to go home. She had to tell Burt he was going to lose his wife. She had to find the words to tell Kurt he was going to lose his mother.

Grace took a deep breath. “You said six months?”
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Kurt loved sitting with his mother in the window seat in the late afternoon sun while Grace read to him. She read fairy tales, science fiction, poetry, novels, and fantasy to him, among many others.

She knew he didn’t understand all of it, but he loved to hear her read so she shared her favorites with him. Kurt would fall asleep and burrow into her side while she continued reading. They spent many afternoons this way.

As Kurt got older, he started reading to her. He read her books about bears, red dogs, curious monkeys, and green eggs and ham.
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Pointing at a different blouse in the closet, Kurt said, “No, Momma, wear this one.”

“Are you sure? They look the same to me. They’re both blue.”

Kurt giggled, “They are not the same.”

Pulling Kurt close to her and blowing a raspberry into his neck, Grace laughed. “Well, if you say, sweet boy, than it must be so.”

Curling into her and giggling, Kurt squealed, “Momma, stop, it tickles.”

Smoothing a hand over his cheek, Grace pressed a soft kiss to her son’s forehead, “Ok, baby, I’ll wear the one you think looks best. You know I always do.”
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Noah pulled off his glasses and threw them onto his desk. With a groan of exasperation, he pinched the bridge of his nose. Scrubbing his hands across his face, he sighed. Noah raked his hands through his hair, scratching his nails across his scalp. He pulled slightly at his curls in frustration, trying to alleviate the stress he was feeling.

Noah had been working on the report for hours and his brain was fried. Sighing again, he put his glasses back on and turned to his computer. He had to finish his paperwork so he could get home to Kurt.
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I have my moments of being a total flake. I freely admit it. I didn't think this was going to be one of those moments though. I have been running around LJ for almost 10 years and I've had the same theme practically the whole time. I've gotten the 'you have to upgrade' message for forever and ever, but I've been ignoring it. The last few days I've been seeing a different font when I read entries on my friends list, so I decided to finally take the plunge and upgrade to a S2 theme. OMG!!

What a mistake! There are only a very few themes available, none of which I like at all! I've cycled through several and finally settled on one. Definitely not a favorite, but it's the least bad so far. I tried to go back to my previous theme but it wouldn't let me. I loooooved my old theme. It was a stripped down version w/o a background and pretty pink/green colors. I loved reading my friends list in my theme because it was a very easy read.

The one I have now has a blue background and just looks very cluttered. I know I would probably have more options if I paid for my LJ but I already paid for DW and don't want to pay for both. Truthfully, I can only support one and I'd rather it be DW rather than LJ. I really regret upgrading it to a S2 theme. I should have just kept what I had instead of thinking I could find something I liked just as much. Right now, I'd be happy just to find one I liked some!
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I watched it again last night. I'd forgotten how much I'd love this movie when it first came out. I'd had a crush on Tommy Lee Jones since I had seen him in the Executioner's Song - you cannot judge me as hard as I judge myself for crushing him after that movie - and, of course, Han Solo was one of my first loves. I loved the Fugitive. I'd thought I'd love it because of Harrison Ford, because, hey, Han! But I loved Sam Gerard! Totally fell in love with him. Loooved him. I loved everything about him!

I didn't know anything about slash back in '93 so I didn't realize I was slashing Kimble/Gerard. I just knew that I really liked them together in the few scenes they had, especially the last scene. I was watching the last scene again < SPOILER ALERT = is it really a spoiler after 18 years? OMG! *18* years!! Anyway...> and the relief and disbelief on Richard's face as he looks at Sam is soooo clear. And Sam being all solicitious and mother-henning him was sooo sweet. The "Don't tell anybody" from Sam put a huuuuge smile on my face. I looooved this damn movie.

I keep thinking that it would have had a huuuuuuuuuge online fandom if the Internet had been around back then, but there were some K/G zines later. I was so excited when I found out that I had to get them. Due to budgetary constraints, I have only ever bought 5 zines. The XF one with M/K and the witches, the two SGA ones that had all the best McShep authors ever, and two for K/G. I remember I split the cost for shipping with another fan so it wouldn't be so prohibitively expensive since it was being shipped from the UK. I read those damn zines over and over again. When they got lost during a move a while back, my heart was broken! I had forgotten about them until last night. Watching the movie again reminded me of them.

I went looking on AO3, just to see if there any K/G stories posted. I was disappointed to see there were only 9. I couldn't believe there were only 9. How could no one else see the potential in that last scene??!! But I was giddy when I saw the two zine stories posted.

Fumbling Towards Esctasy and the sequel, Rhythm and Blues, are both on AO3!! The best thing about them is that they are both over 100k long. There were definitely some britishisms in the zine which were a little jarring since the stories are set in Chicago. A few grammar/spelling things. But they were all minor. I just remember how much I loved being able to read a good story about Kimble and Gerard falling in love. And being in love. I'm off to spend the rest of the day and night reading this stories again. And being all sad because there aren't more stories about them falling in love.


Dec. 15th, 2011 03:15 pm
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Since I've decided I am going to post more often, I got an app for my phone so I can post no matter where I am.

A while back I noticed that when I first got my LJ, I used to post all the time. I really enjoyed being able to go back and re-read my entries. It reminded me of what was going on in my life at that point. Right now, LJ has no clue what's going on with me. I want to remedy that. I am going to start posting again so I can re-read them and remember stuff.

There is not a lot going on right now so my entries won't be super-interesting. But you will get to hear me blather about what I'm watching and reading. And what I think about it all. So, yeah, keep an eye out for all the fun times.
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I donated to [profile] shoshannagold so I got to ask [profile] alethialia for a fic!* Duuuuuude. Fic from [profile] alethialia! I cannot even begin to express how very excited I am about this. I asked for either Brad/Nate or Audrey/Duke/Nathan. I sooooo don't care. Hell, whatever she wants to write will be fine by me.

I looooooooove her. I always read what she has to say, especially about TV. I watched Generation Kill because of her. And Haven. And Life. And Southland. And Once Upon a Time. And Fairly Legal. There are so many shows I started watching because of her advice. The list goes on and on and on. I also have a lot more on my queue to watch.

I have devoured all her fic. And have loved every single one she posts. Very, very, very excited about this! New fic! From [profile] alethialia!! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

*Information on how you can donate and request a fic in previous post.
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I know there are a lot of people who need help right now. And this situation is not out of the norm, nowadays, unfortunately. But I like the idea of being able to help someone whose work I've received a lot of enjoyment from, even though it's only in a small way.

If you can help, please think about doing so. You'll be helping out someone in their time of need. You'll also be able to request something from an amazing list of authors who are willing to write for donations. The authors have posted rates, story ideas, and fandoms they'll write in; some are also taking suggestions. Icons and graphics are available as well. And baked goods! You can also contribute your services in exchange for donations, if you want, or just boost the signal yourself.

I love when fandom comes to together to help someone. I just can't figure out who I want to ask to write something for my donation. The authors to choose from are mind-boggling. And in some of my favorite fandoms. I just can't decide if I want Brad/Nate or Audrey/Nathan/Duke more. Or Hotch/Reid. Or Harvey/Mike. Or Shaun/Zach. Or Arthur/Eames/Ariadne. Or Mark/Eduardo. Or Charles/Erik. \o/\o/\o/ You can see my dilemma. If I had the money, I would get one from each and every author, believe me! I'll be willing to brownbag it for a while in exchange for some great fic.

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“You going to tell her you still love her?”

“Hodgins, she’s married to you. You’re about to have a baby. Just leave me out of it. It’s hard enough…”

“Hard enough to see her with someone else? Why did you tell her you didn’t love her? You clearly still do.”

“I knew she loved you. Every so often, she’d say your name when we…”

“So you decided to let her go?”

“I wanted her to be happy. Is she?”

“Happy? I think so. I hope so. If you hadn’t let her go, she’d still be with you. Wendell, thank you.”
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“What are we going to do?”

“You know there’s only one choice.”

“Sunshine, no, there isn’t. We both would do a good job. Either one of us would.”

“Bodie, I agree, we both could do a good job. I also think that together we could do a great job.”

“That isn’t an option. If it was, it would be ideal. Which one of us is going to do it?”

“It has to be you. You have to head CI5 now. You can’t return to what you did and I can. I’ll return to the Met. They’ve got something for me.”
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“I’m tired of hiding.”

“I know, J. Me too. You ready for what not hiding will mean? Even if we say we recently fell in love, they’ll find out we’ve actually been together since you were 17.”

“And that Britney and Jessica were about publicity, along with the others.”

“You know what will happen then. No matter what you’ve done, what you will do, all they’ll remember is the Britney/Jessica thing.”

“They’ll only remember the lies.”

“Yes. I’m OK with waiting. As long as we can be together, we don’t have to say anything.”

“Than not yet, C. But soon.”
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“I’m thinking of telling my Nana.”

The rhythmic thunk of a knife into a cutting board stopped then started again.

“Are you sure you want to do that, Alec?”

Reaching across to snag a piece of fruit arranged onto a tray, “I think it’s time. Owww, that hurt.”

Elliot returned to chopping. “That’s for dinner.”

“It’s been over a year. I talk to her about you and Parker all the time. I’m pretty sure she knows something is going on. She just doesn’t know with whom.”

“How is she going to react when she finds out it’s both of us?”
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Eames jerked himself awake, turning to see Arthur prone beside him. After fumbling the needle out of his arm, Eames reached to help Arthur get upright. Arthur struggled to sit on the edge of the bed. Scrubbing his hands across his face, Arthur leaned forward, trying to catch his breath while Eames rubbed his back.

A stuttered whisper from Arthur, “You came for me.”

Pulling Arthur closer to him, Eames kissed his temple. “How could you think I wouldn’t come for you? Darling, I will always come for you, no matter where you are, even limbo.”

“I know that now.”
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Peter cradled the slight weight in his arms, taking care to hold their daughter’s head. He marveled at her tiny fingernails, her pink mouth, and her bright blue eyes. He gently ran a finger down her smooth cheek.

“El, she’s perfect.”

Looking to their son resting in Neal’s arms, he said, “They both are.”

He stood to give his exhausted wife a soft kiss. “Hon, you did good.”

With a tired smile, Elizabeth replied, “We did good, babe. This was definitely a team effort.”

Neal turned to face her. “Sweetheart, it was mostly you. We just loved you through it.”
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Gibbs has been feeling a low level anxiety for a while now. He doesn’t know what has been causing the feeling, just knows his gut is trying to tell him something. He’s been trying to identify the reason, but hasn’t been successful.

He’s verified that everyone is ok. Tony, Abby, and Ducky are fine. He’s even checked on Blackadder at the FBI. It took him a while, but he finally realized that it’s been almost two years since Tony left Baltimore and joined NCIS. Tony has always left a job after two years.

Gibbs has to convince him to stay.
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Erik does not understand how there is someone in the world who still believes in the good of humanity as much as Charles does, not after everything they’ve seen their fellow mutants suffer at the hands of men. He is undecided on whether Charles truly believes or if Charles is in denial about the cruelty of humans.

Erik is also undecided on whether he thinks this makes Charles an idiot or someone to be admired for having the conviction of his beliefs. All he knows for sure is that he hopes that Charles never has his heart broken for believing.
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Cody is going to graduate from high school that Saturday. Jeanne has promised to bring his little sister and her husband to the ceremony. Shawn’s family – Cody's family – will all be there.

Cody’s already been accepted to Dartmouth for early admission and is going to move in a couple of weeks. He’s sad because he’s going to be leaving everything he knows, but he is beyond excited about starting a new life on his own. He can’t wait to go; Shawn and Zack have been helping him pack for his move, giving him advice about college life the entire time.
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Jared can’t help cataloguing the differences. His arms feel half-empty when he’s holding her; he’s used to holding someone with a much heavier build. Her skin is too smooth against his because he doesn’t also feel the rough rasp of stubble. Her kisses are too gentle.

Jensen had asked Jared to marry him but he hadn’t been able to do it. All he’d been able to think was how his family, his friends, the world would react. He loved Jensen but he’d been too afraid. Now it was too late. Jensen had moved on. Now Jared had to as well.
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They were all staring at Jackson, waiting for him to hand the sulfuric acid to Lydia for the Molotov cocktail. He went to pass her the glass bottle, but he paused, a faint memory trying to catch his attention. A brief look at Scott solidified the memory. Both Scott and Stiles said that Derek was the one who was out in the dark hall of the school, attempting to kill them.

Jackson wasn’t sure what to believe. There was someone in the hall. His reluctant fascination with Derek made him question who it was. He reached for the other bottle.
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Once he’d joined the FBI, David had a plan for his life. He knew where he wanted to be and how to get there. He’d worked toward his goal for years. Moving to Washington had been the next step. He’d allowed himself to get sidetracked and stayed in Los Angeles much longer than he’d intended. He’d told himself he was learning from Don and had put off leaving.

When he’d gotten to DC, he kept thinking about what he’d left behind. About who he’d left behind. He didn’t want to be without him any more.

David knocked on Colby’s door.
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“I don’t know how you do it.”

“Do what?”

“Let Kris cheat on you like he does.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“With that man. That Adam.”

“He’s not cheating. He loves Adam and Adam loves him.”

“And that’s cheating.”

“No, it’s not. Kris’ heart is big enough for both of us. Just because he loves Adam doesn’t mean he’s stopped loving me.”

“He’s married to you, Katie. That means he doesn’t get to love someone else. It’s only supposed to be you.”

“That’s not the way it is with us. Adam is different. Momma, I love him too.”
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Josef feels sorry for Mick; he’s setting himself up for heartbreak. He will eventually lose Beth to old age. He’s tried to convince Mick not to put himself through the emotional pain that Josef had gone through, was still going through, even now.

No matter what Josef says, Mick will do what he wants. It’s one of the reasons Josef loves him. Because he does love him, Josef will help Mick put himself back together when Beth is gone. For now, he’ll try to make things easier for them, by letting Mick pretend to be more human than he is.
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Each time John falls in love, he can’t help hoping this is the one, the ‘true love’ who’ll free him and he can grow old with. He’ll stare into the mirror, looking for that first gray hair. Each time he doesn’t find it, the hope dies a little. It dies completely when he sees the wrinkles on his lover’s face and none on his own.

This time, he knows he found them. It wasn’t Sara like he’d thought. Maybe it’s the man in the long, black coat. Or the girl with the green bag.

He rewinds the tape, still searching.
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When they’d asked him to participate in the show, Dick said no, memories still fresh after so many years. He’d said yes when the actors came to talk to him. The actor playing Nix only looks somewhat like him but he definitely moves like him. Sometimes the tilt of his head will catch at Dick’s heart because it reminds him so much of his lost lover.

Watching the actors play out their story on the screen, he wonders if he’s been as circumspect as he’d thought. He hopes that he and Nix weren’t quite so easy to read as that.

Not meant in any way to be disrespectful to the real people
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It was a hazard to wear a ring on deployment so Brad didn’t. Since he still wanted tangible evidence he could carry of Nate, something to symbolize them, he’d decided on a tattoo but he hadn’t been able to choose a design.

A broken ink pen led to fingerprints on Brad’s shoulder and a thumbprint in the hollow of his hip, Nate’s marks on him finally visible. He’d worn the proof of Nate’s touch till it had worn away. They both had stroked the fading marks, realizing this is what they wanted.

They’d inked each other’s fingerprints into their skin.
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“Are you sure there’s still nothing we can do?”

“Do about what?”

“It’s been a while and there’s always something new in Eureka. Has anything changed enough we can try something else?

“Still don’t know what you’re talking about, Jack.”

“Nathan. Seeing him the last few days has made it clear to me how much I miss him. I thought I could with Allison, but she’s not…”


“I didn’t understand before, Henry. I didn’t get it. I thought I did but I didn’t. I understand about Kim now. I need Nate back. Please.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”
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Nathan can not make himself go into the Grey Gull and pretend to be fine. It had been so hard holding Duke’s daughter in his arms, a living embodiment of all the promises they’d made to each other.

He’d been frantic with worry and hadn’t really paid attention to how Duke looked as he’d gotten older, but now, he sees Duke standing in the doorway, gray at his temples and in his beard, and he just can’t do it. Seeing Duke, getting another glimpse into the future they were supposed to have together, breaks him. He has to walk away.
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contains spoilers for latest episodes

“So why is Reid mad at you and not me even though it was my decision? He is mad at me. He just doesn’t want to deal with that yet so he’s taking it out on you, JJ. Once he does, he’ll get over being mad at you. We’ll have a few heated discussions. When he calms down, he’ll remember we really couldn’t say anything. Then it will be ok. It will take a while, but he’ll get there. Till then…”

“We have to get through it.”


“But Hotch, I…”

“Want to help. This is the way to help.”
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“Nothing I can say is going to change your mind about why I’m here, Danny. I’m not here marking time until something better comes along. ”

“Martin, I didn’t say...”

“No, but I can see you thinking it. I asked for this assignment because I can make a difference in someone’s life. I can help them get their loved ones back, the way someone helped me.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I was a kid, my best friend went missing. It didn’t matter that he was the housekeeper’s son or that, supposedly, he wasn’t someone important. They brought him home.”
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Set after Drabble 301.

Previous drabbles located here. Series: drabbles 280, 281, 282, 283, 284,287, 289, 292, 299, 300, 301

It had taken some talking on Daniel’s part to convince Cam not to walk out. He loved Daniel and the thought of Daniel only being with him through some misguided sense of obligation had gutted him. The desperate emotion on Daniel’s face had made him stay and listen.

Daniel’s ability to detail all the time they’d spent together before he’d gotten the letter had helped Cam to see how Daniel’s feelings for him had gradually changed. In turn, Cam had told Daniel of how he’d fallen in love with him, how much he’d struggled not to say anything to Daniel.
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Chris finds it hard to spill his secrets. Sarah would gently ask him until he was able to express himself to her, but it was a drawn-out process. Vin doesn’t do that. He finds it just as difficult to talk about the important things as Chris does.

It took a while but they were able to figure out how to talk to each other. Vin’s head on his shoulder, their hands clasped between them, darkness cocooning them, they’ll lay in bed or on a bedroll and quietly talk. They talk about their families, the War, their past, and their future.
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“Sweetheart, have you talked to your family lately?”

“I talked to Mama a couple of days ago. She said they’re all doing good. She tried to talk to Dad about me last week. He wouldn’t let her even say my name.”

Cook pulled Archie into his arms.

Barely audible, “he said he didn’t have a son by that name.”

Cook whispered into Archie’s neck, “Baby, are you sure?”

Drawing back, Archie cradled Cook’s face tenderly. “Sure that I love you? Yes. Always yes.”

Pressing a sweet kiss to Cook’s mouth, “Nothing else matters as much as you, as us.
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“Why do you do that?”

“Do what, Puck?”

“Why do you let him talk to you like that?”

“Like what?”

“You let him talk like he knows what’s best for you. Blaine’s not older than you are. He doesn’t have all the answers, even though he likes to pretend he does. ”

“There is no one else that I can...”

“What? Love? Yes, there is. You just haven’t looked. If you’d just look, I know you’d find someone who already loves you.”

“Like who? Blaine is...”

“No, he's not. Look harder, Kurt. I know there is someone else.”


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contains spoilers for latest episodes

“Steven, do you know what she said to me? Good job! She told me I did a good job.”

“You did do a good job.”

“I know I did. I know she has credentials out the wazoo, but she’s only a rookie on this team. It was not for her to say that to me.”


“Out of all that, you get wazoo? Really, babe, that’s what you’re going to go with?”

“Danny, I’m sorry, but the governor forced her on me. There’s not much I can do about it. I will talk to her. Make things clear to her.”
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“Colonel Sheppard, I know it’s not my place to say anything about how you run things. You’ve been doing it for a long time – you’ve been doing a great job, by the way – but I really think this is something that you want to be honest with your men about. It will help someone who wants to do it, as well as how they’re treated by the other men.”

“Mr. Woolsey, you’re right, it isn’t. We are going to say something. I don’t want to make Rodney hide any more. I don’t want to hide. Now we don’t have to.”
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His father never hit Xander. Sometimes he wished he would. It would hurt less than some of the things Tony Harris yelled at him in the middle of a drunken rage.

Tony hadn’t always been that way. Before the accident, he’d been a good dad. When Xander was 10, his father lost his job after he’d hurt his back and couldn’t return to work. Xander was sure Tony blamed him because he’d fallen trying to retrieve Xander’s kite from a tree in the backyard. If Xander hadn’t asked his dad to get it, he wouldn’t have fallen and gotten hurt.
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Reid Oliver doesn’t try to get Lily to like him, which drives her absolutely insane. All her children love him - more than they ever did Noah - because he treats them like adults, especially Luke.

Luke’s very different with Reid than with Noah. Luke had blossomed in this relationship. She hadn’t noticed how much Luke had deferred to Noah in everything, not really expressing himself. She’s beginning to understand that Luke’s relationship with Noah wasn’t as idyllic as she had thought. Not wanting to cause conflict, Luke had hidden a lot of his problems with Noah from his family.
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