Oct. 17th, 2013


Oct. 17th, 2013 01:05 pm
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I cannot believe it’s been almost a year. Wow. How the hell did that happen? I guess I really don’t come to LJ any more. I do still hang out on AO3 though and a bit on Tumblr. I’ve become a much more visual person since I started hanging out on Tumblr. There is just some gorgeous stuff being posted *all* the time! You should really check it out. Prepare to be dazzled! And have time slip away from you. You’ll look up and it will be *hours* later.

Still primarily Teen Wolf focused, still very much a Sterek fan. And Avengers as well. Haven’t really picked up any new fandoms though I will read a good Kane/Toews fic. I’ve never seen a hockey game or even watched an interview with them. I think I followed a link for a favorite author somewhere, I dunno. Now I click on a link for them if the story sounds good. I occasionally explore some of the stories being posted on AO3 in a previous fandom, but not too often.

I signed up to do the [community profile] mini_nanowrimo thing again this year. Really hope to do better this year than last. I fell into a black hole at work and didn’t come back out till this past June with the go live of the new system at work.

I have been super busy lately. We just had a birthday for my three youngest, so had a nice dinner and cake for each one on their day. Then we had a huge party for all three of them, with lots of food, cake, 3 piñatas, and lots and lots of candy. And lots of kids and their parents running around. It was nice though. A lot of work before and a lot of work after, but totally fun. It was really nice to see everyone who came. The kids are already looking forward to next year. The hubby is too!

I have been very busy at work. We just went through a huge transition to a brand new system, which included new hardware and new software for the entire hospital and clinics. It only took two years of long days and late nights. Still trying to catch up, actually. We also got reassigned to new areas of support so lots of learning going on and meeting new people. It’s been a little challenging which is good; it keeps life interesting. We support computers, fax machines, copiers, scanners, phones, tablets, and now we support Macs as well as Windows PC so I’m always learning, whether or not I want to.

I also just finished taking a college class for a certification for work. Now I just have to take the test so I can show that I actually learned something. I keep meaning to do the studying, but can’t find the time. I do have to study though because I promised the hubby I’d get a certificate for his company next. I am planning to go to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill next year so I intend to finish the certificates this year so I can concentrate on that next year.

I have lost 45 lbs so far. Yay me! \o/\o/\o/ The doctor told me that with my genetic history I was going to be diabetic so I had to lose weight. I've been working on it since the beginning of the year. I am using Nutrisystem and I'm walking everywhere. I'm still working to see where I end up. I would rather be on a diet for a while and not for the rest of my life, you know.

So I’m always running. With 4 kids at home now, – CI returned home during the summer to return to school ; JS is still in Ashville with the grandbaby [who is now 5 years old (How is that even possible? wow!)] – helping with homework, work, and studying, and doing company stuff for the hubby while he’s gone during the week, life is a little crazy. Crazy but good.


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