Jun. 4th, 2012

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So I signed up for the 30 days of drabbles on the [community profile] puckurt comm. And promptly started having connectivity issues. < head desk > Isn't that the way it always is? I swear. Anyway.

I did do my drabbles. They are so much harder to do with a piece of paper and a pencil. I think I erased a hole clean through the paper a time or two. And I kept having to count my words over and over and over. OMG! Soooo hard. But I did it.

I wrote a drabble each day in June so far. So you'll be seeing a Puckurt drabble post each day of June < crossing fingers >, along with the ones I've already done. Some of them may be connected in some way, others not in any way at all. Just depends on what ends up on the paper. Well, hopefully, the monitor, because, wow, paper and pencil is soooooooo hard.
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Puck watches the couples around him. He finds them all fascinating, likes seeing how they interact with each other, likes seeing if he can guess how they’re doing just by watching them. He watches one couple more sometimes, trying to figure them out. He admits he finds them confusing. On the surface, Kurt and Blaine seem to have a lot in common, but in reality, they are so very different.

Puck’s watching them so closely, he’s the first to see the cracks. He notices the silences, the stiff body language, the eye avoidance. He’s not surprised when they break up.
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“What are we going to do now, Kurt?”

“I don’t know, Finn. I was so sure I was going to get into NYADA. I still can’t believe I didn’t make it. I thought she liked me. Dad making us apply to New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts turned out to be a good thing, I guess. Is that what you want to do now? Still want to act? Go to California with Puck? Something else? What do you want?”

“Go to New York with you and to California with Puck.”

“Can’t do both.”

“Take Puck with us to New York.”
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Kurt feels like he’s always running, to his classes, to his job at the bookstore, to meet the other kids in his study groups, to work on his projects, to hang out with his friends. He doesn’t have a free moment, can never quite catch his breath.

New York is even more exciting than he ever dreamed. There is always something going on, something new to discover, someone new to meet. Being able to share it all with Finn and Puck makes it even better. He loves it. He keeps meaning to call Blaine, but there’s always something going on.
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“I love you with all my heart, Noah, but if you don’t stop touching me right this second, I swear I’m going to hang you up by your toenails!”

“Babe, what the hell?”

“Sorry,” pressing quick kisses to Noah’s shoulder, “it’s just so damn hot. It’s making me cranky.”

“I see that. You call the super to ask how much longer the AC is going to be out? I know summers in New York are supposed to be hot, but this is completely ridiculous.”

“Yeah, he promised by tomorrow.”

“So, in the meantime, come take a cold shower with me.”


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